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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> braces for blizzard 2016. the entire area is under a state of emergency and metro makes a move it hasn't done for years. all services canceled this weekend. >> we should have been out earlier with more resources. >> an apology and a promise to do better. crews across the area are prepping for the big storm. >> a red weather alert and blizzard warning. this storm is on track to be historic. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. we can expect double digit snowfall everywhere. >> topper shutt is tracking the latest models. so what's the latest? >> we added up the latest afternoon run an it is steady as she goes. we will keep everything the way we have it. bulls eye north and west of town. but it is hard to believe you are not in a bulls eye in the
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12 to 18 band. up to 24 inches in winchester and frederick and hagerstown. 18 to 24. a little less south and east because of a mixture, some sleet. it will mix with sleet as far north as la plata. a major snow certainly from prince george's county north and west. blizzard warnings are in effect for everyone including our friends in southern maryland and fredericksburg. blizzard is about visibility, not snowfall amounts. the winds will not pick up until friday night. especially after midnight and become windy all day saturday. so, try to put this into perspective. one to four inches by 7:00 p.m.
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friday. so in culpeper get off the road by 11:00 a.m. downtown. get off the road by 2:00. in silver spring or rockfield, it will accumulate quickly. 8 to 14 inches overnight. 6 to 12 saturday. so we are not done. it will be hammer time overnight friday into saturday morning. we will probably hear thunder snow. finish your errands by friday morning. follow us on twitter and tweet us your pictures. we love before and after picks. download our free app. you can track the storm right along with us. potentially historic storm has prompted metro to freeze service. >> it is all in the name of keeping commuters and employees safe. mola lenghi continues our wusa9 blizzard 2016 coverage. and he joins us live from metro headquarters so mola, what can we expect? >> reporter: if you had plans to use any of metro's three
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platforms this weekend, be it rail, bus service, metro access, you will need to make other plans as officials say they will be suspending the entire system saturday and sunday. the entire weekend. obviously, this is in anticipation of the incoming blizzard. metro officials say this is the first time in recent memory they have had to shut down the entire system because of snow. here is what we can expect. rail, both above and below ground will be suspended starting 11:00 tomorrow night. so 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, no more rail service system wise. bus service suspended at 5:00 p.m. metro access will be suspended after 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. and remain closed saturday and sunday. and again, all metro services will remain closed saturday and sunday. metro gm paul witifield says the aim is to be backup and running monday morning. but, he stresses that will
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depend on weather and road conditions and how quickly they can get the aboveground rails plowed and cleaned off. here is what some metro riders told us tonight about the closings. >> they know the storm is coming and versus waiting until the last minute to make a decision, they are making it in advance. >> metro's safety rating lately, i don't really trust them so i would rather them shut things down. it is better for everyone. >> reporter: meted row considered keeping the underground rails in service but they feared the high winds that would create some power outages. they expect that to happen and they don't want their employees and other emergency personnel down in the tunnels dealing with those outages. also, metro can shelter their equipment. they can shelter the trains in the tunnels, protect them from the weather and the snow. and in that way, they don't have to dig them out. and when they are ready to resume service, they will have a quick turn around and be up and running much faster than
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when they weren't underneath in the tunnels. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. dozens of schools have already canceled classes tomorrow. dc public schools, catholic university. in virginia schools are closed in arlington, fairfax, prince william, plus alexandria city and manassas city, montgomery, prince george, frederick counties all closed. we have the full list running on the bottom of the screen and on the free wusa9 app. the mayor of dc and the governors of maryland and virginia have considered states of emergency friday. the national guard is on standby. thousands of road crews and utility crews are getting ready. across the region. they are urging people tonight to stay at home tomorrow and again on saturday. if you haven't already stocked up on supplies, go out and make sure you get the job done. >> make sure you have food and supplies at home. not just to last for the
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weekend. but enough to last up to an entire week. >> we went out and got our bread and milk and butter. we are all set. good to go. i'm ready to rock the storm. >> the federal government office of personnel management has not decided whether to close local offices tomorrow. there is a conference call with government leaders. we will bring you their decision on our wusa9 app as soon as we get it. the mayor of dc is apologizing for last night's nightmare commute saying the city did not do enough to get ahead of the snow. >> delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: ddod hat crews pretreating the major roads just before rush hour yesterday, but it was too little too late. >> we are very sorry. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser's apology. >> we don't believe we prepared adequately for a forecast that was slightly less than what we got. at rush hour.
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and we should have been out earlier with more resources. >> reporter: even though crews laid down brine at 4:00 p.m., flakes fell at 5:00. then the ice t gridlock, and the wrecks. it took curtis howard's wife to drive from landover to southeast. >> she was woman enough to get up there as a mayor and apologize to the community and i was really impressed with that. >> i'm glad she apologized for it but there is no room for a mistake like that. >> after what happened yesterday, i think they will prepare. i really do. i think they will prepare. i don't think the government or the mayor will make this mistake twice. >> reporter: in the district, delia goncalves, wusa9. ddot says another problem could have been the brine they put down that typically is infective as temperatures are below freezing. >> in maryland, the supervisor in charge of the beltway say he and his crews were caught by surprise getting a favorable forecast at 2:00 in the
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afternoon. there was no effort to pretreat because a 24 hour window is needed to ramp up. they said it was 9:00 p.m. by the time they were full staff and salt trucks could not move in the gridlock. >> after the mess last night, everybody is wondering what road crews are doing. >> kelly with the highway administration joining us live on the phone. so kelly, what have crews done since last night? >> reporter: our main focus today regarding roadway preparations for tomorrow insures we will do a lot of pretreating today. you will see a lot of trucks office of personnel the mayor interstates. as the governor mentioned, we ensure that everyone is safe when they travel tomorrow recognizing that we might have an extended commute. the plus for suspending a lot of the area school systems decided to close or postpone some of the early dismissal times. that will help us out a lot
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tomorrow. again, thursday, today, was the major day for preparation for us. they will be out to their designated routes and prepare. >> kelly, quickly, can you talk to our drivers out there, they lost a lot of confidence in you guys last night after you didn't get on the roads in time. what do you say directly to the drivers so you can restore that confidence? >> um, again, our main focus was pretreatment. ensuring we can get a lot of antiicing down on the road today. the highway administration will be out having our full complement throughout the course of the storm. we want our driving public to be partner with us in this effort. so certainly if you have to go in half a day or delay travel, that would be very advantageous for us. you can view traffic cameras on our website. see where the trucks will be.
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we want everyone to travel safely tomorrow. >> kelly boulware, we appreciate you calling in. thank you very much. >> thank you. the department of transportation says it is ready for the snow. vdot crews will be gearing up overnight. fairfax county leaders and emergency management are asking residents to stay home. that is a message that wasn't emphasized last night. vdot has been hearing an earful because the roads were not treated but there will not be a repeat of last night as long as people stay off the roads. >> we hate that happened and that was such a difficult rush hour. >> can you give the confidence to drivers and return the confidence back that this won't happen again? >> we hope that we can gain that confidence back. >> what happened last night was not okay. that can't be repeated during the following days. >> good. i think that is what drivers want to hear. we have a list of emergency numbers and how to report a road that need to be plowed in virginia all on our wusa9 app. >> and you can track the storm
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with our first alert meteorologists and get alerts on closings by downloading the free wusa9 app. major airlines already canceling flights ahead of the storm. a live report from ronald reagan national just ahead. >> are you ready to hunker down? got the milk? the ead in the water? don't forget the pets. let us know how you are prepping for the ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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and, starz and showtime for 6 months. go to or call 888.get.fios. get out of the past. get fios. >> the blizzard isn't here yet, but it is already affecting travel nationwide. >> don't count on flying. you are looking at a live picture of reagan international where several airlines have announced cancellations ahead of the storm. garrett haake is live. >> reporter: it is starting to get bad. i just talked to a friend who is supposed to fly in at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. that flight has already been
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canceled but most people won't feel the effects of the travel nightmare at 4:00 in the afternoon. that is when united plans to stop all flights in and out here at dca. american airlines says they will try to tough it out as much as possible friday, but by saturday, they will stop all operations at all three of our area airports meaning no flights in and out of dolus, dca, or vwi. all of these airlines tell me they are not keeping their planes in dc or even in the northeast. they are moving everything out of the way with the hope here being that if the snow stops on saturday and they can clear things out sunday, they can bring the flights back in and back out of our area as early as sunday. we will keep our fingers crossed for that. reporting live at dca, garrett
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haake, wusa9. thanks a got. how will local sports be affected by the impending storm? we have details coming up in sports. >> okay, our blizzard watches went into warnings. so, blizzard warning coverage essentially the entire metro area. if you are not under a blizzard warning, you are under a winter storm warning. we will talk about the timetable. when the snow arrives. when it wi
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>> always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> all right, any change to the models you can see at this time? >> steady as she goes. >> wow. >> they are really pretty consistent. they have been eeriely consistent. which is why we are ahead of the storm here. snowfall totals, bulls eye west of town, but my goodness you are still talking 18 to 24 inches of snow. it is a big one. now, down to the south, we were just on facebook live with a chat. you folks in the southern maryland are going to have a mixture. so you are going to have less snow. three to six inches but look at this. hagerstown, frederick, leesburg, winchester. 24 inches. 18 to 24 downtown. even 12 to 18 in la plata. you could see a little warm
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area. a little warm intrusion. here is the deal. biest snows not touching this one. not going to touch this storm here. it is in yellow. 32.4. nothing is touching that. but it could go 18 or 19 there. putting it in the top four or five. so, make sure you have new batteries. make sure you have bottled water. be prepared to be house bound. clear your fire hydrants and down spouts. make sure your drains are clear. mark a fire hydrant with a 36- inch pole. winds out of the northwest at 12. it is cold, but not crazy cold. heaviest snow. haven't changed this either.
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10:00 p.m. friday to 3:00 p.m. on saturday. tweet and facebook pictures before and after picks. time lapsed if you can. try to stay off the roads after noon on friday. now, that said, if you are south and west of town, get off the road a little earlier. 10:00, it is not snowing yet in culpeper but it is close. at 2:00, it is snowing in the district. gathersburg. rock hill, silver springs. manassas, be off the road about 12:30. i would be home snug in my house by about 1:00 if you are around the district. a little bit longer in frederick. maybe 2:30. but by 3:00, there is snow across the entire area. not crazy heavy, but it will accumulate very quickly. it doesn't take much. we had four or five tenths overage of snow yesterday. about 300ths of an inch of liquid. that will not take much to cause problems on the road tomorrow. an it is going to get heavier and heavier as we go through overnight tomorrow.
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and into saturday morning. so, we are again blizzard warning in effect. 20s to start. maybe some snow breaking out downtown by 1:00. 32. red weather alert day. no surprise there. on saturday, 6 to 12 on sunday. 31, seasonable. we will keep it as a yellow alert. cleanup will be going on. it will be slick. but a nice gentle warmup. upper 40s monday, 50s tuesday. showers tuesday night and back in the 30s on wednesday. a reminder, download our app. we were off the air because of comcast problems today. constant updates closing and delays. allow us to push you alerts. if you plan to take the kids sledding on capitol hill grounds, keep this in mind, though congress has given its blessing, capitol police say they will be monitoring conditions out there and they say if conditions become unsafe, they are going to limit the sledding. we want to see the snowstorm from your
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perspective. send us videos and photos before, during, after the snow. you can post your picks on the wusa9 facebook page. local teams already taking preventive measures with the big snow. >> frank hanrahan joins us with more on teams already making that call. hey there frank. >> yeah, you see game on behind me, maryland women's hoops had a big game scheduled saturday. decision made earlier today and the smart one i think. postponing that game. makeup date to be announced later. now, maryland men set to visit michigan state saturday, but that is in east lancing so the terps will fly out early tomorrow to beat the weather. is there concern over the weather when they get to east lancing? coach mark ... >> we are leaving a couple of houring earlier than we would have left which is not a bad thing. i want to get home. we will see what it is like after the game. >> we are not worried about the weather, just dressing warm.
7:24 pm
not being sick and hopefully everybody will be safe and don't drive. >> got to love the advice. this is some great marketing. georgetown hoops set to offer discounts based on how many inches of snow we get. if it snows at least 20 inches, tickets to the upcoming games will be 50% off the less snow, the less you get off so it is kind of a catch 22 there. caps game set for 7:00 tomorrow night at verizon center has been moved up to 5:00 p.m. as the caps face the ducks. they are moving up two hours tomorrow. caps scheduled to play pittsburgh on sunday in a matinee at verizon center. no word on that right now. it is still scheduled to be play. wizards also set to play utah saturday night at home. and again, for now, those games are on. but they could easily change. bruce, jan, back to you. >> thank you frank. mystery solved in a tweet
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this morning. billy joel is going to play at the park. tickets go on sale to the general public next friday at 10:00 p.m. you are watching wusa9 and your only local news
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♪ celine dio mn ininourng in montreal today. >> inside the emotional public wake for her husband, renee. ♪ >> dressed in black, celine's tears inside the basilica, the moments with her son by her husband's casket. then will smith speaks out after jada's oscar boycott headlines. >> were you aware she was going to do that? >> no. >> could it impact next month's ceremony? >> the award show changes that now could be introduced as the academy convenes for a meeting. >> also, we're back stage with j-lo lighting up vegas with star super fans, her man, and her dancing mom. she was in it. >> lupe is always in it. >> amy schumer being accused of stealing jokes. >> i like it when the guy pays for sex, i mean that. >> the guys should always pay on the first date for sex. >> what she is saying now.


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